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  • What is the difference between round and square diamonds?
    Choosing between square diamonds and round diamonds is a matter of personal preference. Both diamond types produce a fantastic finished result! ​ Round diamonds are easier to place on the canvas as they don't have corners to line up with each other. This means that once your design has been completed that tiny parts of the canvas are still visible. However, this does not stop your diamond art from being a sparkling masterpiece - check out some of the completed ones in our gallery! ​ Square diamonds require more precision when placing them on the canvas as they cover it completely. If you're comfortable with diamond art and you're after a more detailed end result, this might be the diamond type for you! As square diamonds need lining up neatly there is a little extra concentration needed. If you're new to square diamonds, you might notice that they are not as neat as you're used to. Don't be discouraged! This is common and you'll soon find with practise that there are many different ways improve your diamond art technique.
  • What size diamond painting should I get?
    Diamond art comes in a wide range of sizes. When choosing the best one for you there are several factors to consider. ​ Have you tried diamond art before? If you're new to the craft then a mini kit or a small canvas with round diamonds is an ideal place to start. Some people like to move on to square diamonds as they progress to a larger canvas, although plenty of people love keeping to round. We have many larger kits with round diamonds so you're free to experiment with what you like the most. ​ Do you enjoy a challenge? Whether or not you're new to diamond art, a large canvas can take many hours to complete. It's a very satisfying project and you don't need to be a very experienced diamond painter to take one on! ​ How detailed would you like the end result to be? The larger the canvas, the more detail you can see in each design. A 20 x 20 cm design is ideal for getting a feel for the craft although it offers a limited amount of detail. This can make the 'mosaic' effect more prominent. In comparison, a 60 x 80 cm design is a clearer picture and a lovely big project to get stuck into!
  • What does 'full' or 'partial' mean?
    A 'full' canvas pasting area means that the entire design will be covered in diamonds when you've completed it. All of our square diamond kits have a full pasting area. ​ A 'partial' canvas pasting area means that only part of the design is covered in diamonds, the rest being a printed design. This is more common on smaller canvases or mini kits. Each of our kits with a partial canvas pasting area will have it clearly marked.
  • What is poured glue?
    Poured glue is an alternative to the double-sided tape that is often used for the adhesive on diamond art canvases. Poured glue is where we pour a high-quality glue on to the canvas. It can sometimes have 'track marks' from the application of it but this doesn't make it any less effective! It's a strong and reliable adhesive and doesn't lift away from the canvas at all. Sometimes when you unroll your canvas you'll see some wrinkles in the covering. This isn't unusual and won't impact the finished result of your project.
  • How can I get rid of wrinkles in the canvas?
    The safest method is to flatten your canvas beneath something heavy. If your bed has a solid base then underneath your mattress is ideal. You could also try placing some heavy books on the canvas.
  • How long does it take to complete a kit?
    This depends on the speed you work at - there is no such thing as too fast or too slow! As long as you're enjoying yourself and getting the result you're after, that's perfect. Your diamond organisation plays a role in the completion time too. If you have your diamonds in numerical order in a suitable container or organiser you'll find them easily and spend less time hunting for the next number you need. Whether the diamonds are round or square will make a difference too, this is because square diamonds take a little extra time and concentration to place on the canvas lined up neatly. A couple of examples: A 15 x 15 cm canvas with round diamonds can take around 6 hours. A 60 x 80 cm canvas with square diamonds can take around 100 hours!
  • I've completed my partial kit but some parts are still sticky, how can I solve this?"
    This is common as the glue is applied to the canvas or base on and around the area where the diamonds go. So it often extends a little beyond the diamonds when you've finished. Simply seal your diamond art kit and it ensures the diamonds will stay in place and gets rid of excess stickiness! You can read more here: Sealing your diamond art
  • How do I get my diamonds to line up neatly?
    There are various techniques you can try to help improve your diamond placement. The 'checkerboard' method This involves missing out every other diamond as you work in rows - creating a chess board effect. This means when you go back and fill in the spaces the diamonds should slot in neatly. This method can be used for either type of diamond. Working in rows It may sound simple but it can make a big difference to your picture! This method is most useful when working with square diamonds. By working across in rows you minimise the possibility of placing diamonds at an odd angle as doing so makes it harder to put diamonds next to them later. Farm plot For this technique you outline areas of the same colour, this allows you to go along with the multi-diamond top of the pickup pen and place the remaining diamonds. This can help with larger areas of a single colour.
  • What age is diamond art suitable for?
    We would recommend age 5+ for diamond art. This is due to the concentration and fine motor skills needed to complete each picture. With a bit of support for young children, it can make a lovely family activity. Here's our youngest diamond art fan in action!
  • What is the difference between gemstone and standard diamonds?
    Gemstone diamonds are semi-transparent, instead of opaque like standard diamonds. They are often only found on smaller kits such as our bookmarks or decorations. We now have some diamond art kits where they are either mostly gemstone or all gemstone! Check out the extra sparkle!
  • What is washi tape?
    Washi tape is a type of masking tape that can be removed after use. It can be placed around the edge of your design where there are no symbols. The pre-applied adhesive goes beyond the design to ensure every symbol is covered. This means when you peel back the protective covering you'll find your wrist or sleeve will stick to the edge where there are no diamonds. Using washi tape minimises this irritation so you can get on with your project without sticking to it every few seconds!
  • How do I make sure the diamonds stay in place?
    We recommend sealing your diamond painting kit when you'd finished it. This ensures the diamonds stay in place and gets rid of any extra sticky areas on partial kits. You can read more here: Sealing your diamond painting
  • How can I frame my finished diamond art?
    Framing diamond art can be a little tricky as there are some unusual sizes! We've got a little bit more information on it here: Framing
  • How much do I need to spend for free delivery?
    Free UK delivery on all orders!
  • Where do you send the orders out from?
    We are based in Devon in the UK.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    If you need delivery outside of the UK please contact us and we will find a price for you.
  • Can I modify my order?
    If you've already placed an order with us you can change it as long as it hasn't been posted yet. Just get in touch and we'll let you know if it has already been sent.
  • I'm missing some diamonds, what shall I do?"
    Send us a message to let us know what you're missing and we can send them to you.

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