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Getting Started

If you've never tried diamond art before we would recommend starting with

round diamonds. These are easier to place as there are no little corners to line up! We have canvases in a variety of sizes or mini kits for a fantastic little taster.

Of course for those seasoned diamond art lovers, or if you just prefer the look of square diamonds, then feel free to jump straight in!


Your kit contains everything you need to create your new diamond art project:


Each canvas is supplied with symbols printed on it which show you where to place the diamonds for your design. There is a white or clear protective covering over the pre-applied adhesive. At the side of the canvas is the key showing the symbols and numbers for the diamonds.


The faceted resin diamonds are supplied in small numbered packets. 


  • Tray

  • Pickup pen

  • Wax

  • Tweezers

How to begin

Unroll your canvas and flatten it out on a clean, dry surface. 


Sort your diamonds into numerical order, and choose a container to keep the packets in. The number on each packet matches the key on the canvas. For easier access to the diamonds, many people prefer to use a diamond organiser box or case. 


Starting in one corner of your canvas, peel back a small part of the protective covering to reveal the adhesive. Decide which symbol you would like to begin with and find the corresponding packet of diamonds.


Only peel back the section you will be working on, and re-cover the canvas after each session.

Tip some diamonds into the tray and shake it gently from side to side so that most diamonds have the faceted side facing up.


Dip the pen into the wax, pick up a diamond and place it onto the corresponding symbol on the canvas. Make sure each diamond is placed with the flat side to the canvas.

Once the pen no longer picks up diamonds, dip it into the wax again.


Don’t worry if you put a diamond in the wrong place, simply use the tweezers to remove it!



  • Flatten your canvas for a few hours with something heavy - if you can wait that long before starting!

  • If you're left handed you may find it easier to start on the left side of the canvas, and the right side if you're right handed 

  • Always re-cover the canvas to prevent the adhesive from drying out

  • Cut the canvas covering once you have completed the small section you are working on

  • Work on a small area at a time to prevent any mishaps 

  • Put washi tape around the edge of your design where there are no symbols, this will prevent your hand sticking to it 

  • Place your canvas onto a light pad to make symbols easier to read

  • After you've finished your diamond painting, press down the diamonds so they all lie flat, using a roller or rolling pin

  • Carefully check for spaces to make sure you haven't missed any diamonds

  • Use some diluted pva glue and a small brush to seal your finished picture, this will ensure the diamonds don't come loose

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