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Diamond art can be a little tricky to frame due to their unusual size. There are a few options to allow you to display your lovely finished artwork.

1. The easiest and most budget-friendly option is to choose a standard frame that is as close to your finished diamond art as you can find. You can get a cardboard mount to cover the areas of the frame the diamond art doesn't fill. Another option is to choose a washi tape that complements the colours in your diamond painting. You can then fill any gaps with the washi tape instead of buying/cutting a cardboard mount to fit.

2. Buy a magnetic poster hanging kit. These often come in a standard size but can still look great even if the frame is slightly longer than the kit!

3. Get a blank art canvas that is slightly smaller than your finished diamond art. Wrap the edges of your diamond art around the canvas to stretch it across and carefully secure it, ideally with a staple gun. This method is only suitable for kits where you're happy for a few centimetres to be out of sight for wrapping around the edges.

4. Get a blank art canvas that is the correct size and use a spray adhesive to secure your finished artwork to the frame. Make sure you spray the back of the diamond art and the canvas to secure it well.

5. Make a simple wooden frame the size of your finished diamond art. This can be done using 4 pieces of wood. Then stretch the canvas across the frame and secure it with a staple gun. As this is the method we use I'll snap some photos during our next little framing session and add them here!

6. Get your artwork professionally framed. This is definitely the most expensive option so see what best suits your needs.

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