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We recommend using a product to seal your diamond art kit after you've completed it. This ensures the diamonds stay perfectly in place. It also stops any areas that don't have any diamonds from remaining sticky after you've finished!

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We use a mixture of PVA glue with a bit of water. Make sure it's easy to spread but not too runny or it will drip off or saturate the canvas. For the best results try a mixture that's mostly glue with a splash of water.


You don't have to use PVA glue, there are many sealing options out there suitable for crafts, just make sure it dries smooth and clear and is no longer tacky.

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Simply use a clean brush to 'paint' the mixture on to your canvas or base. This includes mini kits such as bookmarks, decorations, gift tags etc. When applying the mixture make sure it's a thin coat so it doesn't impact the shine. You can always apply a second coat if you think it's not sealed well enough after the first!

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Make sure you cover any areas of glue on the canvas or base. This is especially important for partial kits, bookmarks, decorations and keychains. These are kits where there may be a little glue around the diamonds as there are gaps between them.

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Here is the completed bookmark perfectly sealed. It's now ready to use and looking just as beautiful as before!

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